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Divination in Singapore on TAROT cards.

Good day to my subscribers, guests and students of my YouTube channel. In this video, I will show you how to guess on the senior arcana of TAROT cards and find out if there is damage. For example, I will take my customer from Singapore. This client previously lived in Russia, but has been living in Singapore for seven years. According to her, there she can not find a person who could conduct divination on TAROT cards. Since she was previously a client of mine, and now living in Singapore, she continues to turn to me for help. Now in the modern age, everything is possible, and therefore communication with a person remotely is already quite natural, we communicate via WhatsApp, which is quite convenient, since it sees the whole situation from beginning to end.

And so we will proceed to the layout on the cards.

Coming to visit Russia, my customer gave me a shell from Singapore, so for the layout and for subsequent work, I will use her gift, because it carries the energy of the person who gave it.

For divination, you will need the senior arcana of the TAROT. The deck can be any size. This can be the cards of Aleister Crowley (THOTH Tarot) and the universal TAROT of Waite and New Vision, in a word, you can use any deck of cards that you use.

Before the layout, prepare your workplace by fumigating your work cards with incense sticks or artysh. This will help clear the space and set it up to work.

When the items are fumigated, take the cards and start shuffling them. How to shuffle the cards is everyone's business. Someone is comfortable shuffling, removing the cards three times, someone seven times, someone thirteen. Someone shuffles the cards with a crossbar in piles. My grandmother shuffled the cards with a plot, which I do.

The plot on the cards is simple:

"Oh, you Kartushki-Kartushki,

brothers and sisters,

help me, help me in my business

, tell me the whole truth:

what to be, and what to pass.

Help me find out my fate. Amen to that"


When you shuffle the cards, it happens that the cards themselves can jump out of the deck, such cards are called talking cards. These cards speak for themselves and need to be put off, as they will give you the answer to the question you are interested in.


I make this arrangement with a fan, or in another way it is called the "Ferris Wheel" layout. Please note, I go from the central map. First I make a cross, then I fill in the gaps between the cross, then I fill in the remaining gaps between the cards, and I do this until all the cards overlap each other.

You should get a "wheel" of cards. Put the client's item in the center.

In the classic "Ferris Wheel" scenario, you will need a pendulum. When you have the wheel ready, you must put the customer's object in the center, take the pendulum in your hands and raise it above the object. Look in which direction the pendulum began to swing. Clockwise or counterclockwise, from right to left, or from left to right. From the top down or from the bottom up. Depending on the movement of the pendulum, you start to open the cards.

If the pendulum swings counterclockwise, then the cards are opened with a fan counterclockwise, if clockwise, then you open the layout clockwise.

Accordingly, if it swings to the sides, then you open first of all those sides from which the pendulum moves.

The beginning is what was, the end is what will be.

In the divination on the video, I decided to spin the shell itself in the form of a bundle, and see which card it will point to me. But you don't have to do that.

You see, in the layouts on the cards there is always a field for variations of divination. The way you feel, and guess. The cards themselves will tell you and tell you how they want you to read them.

I could have taken the pendulum and performed the classic version of divination, but at this point in time, I decided to spin the shell. You can also throw the dice at the top and see the number that will fall out, from this card number and conduct divination. You can spill matches on the cards and see how they lay down. In which side there are more matches, you can start guessing from that side. You can even take the black and white beans and also pour them on the cards, and you will know the sequence of the layout.

Remember, there are no clear and strict rules and canons in divination. All those who say that they are-these are people who learned from books.

Divination is a prediction. The prediction is based on a random sequence of cards that have fallen to a person. However, this is not just a random probability of the sequence, but a built-up sequence of cards tuned to a certain wave (the wave of the person) on which the layout is made. You only reflect this sequence. And how and in what way you will build it-it already depends on how you have tuned in to the person. You are a guide, information flows through you. Therefore, it does not matter how exactly you will conduct your alignment, it is important how much you are tuned in to the person, this is what determines the alignment that will fall out.

I can discuss this topic for a long time, interpreting and explaining the method of divination. But back to the layout on the video.

In the layout, you read all the cards, but pay special attention to the first and central card. (I forgot to say, the center card is drawn at random from the center of the deck, in my version it fell out, so I did not draw it). Since the video is compressed, I missed reading the maps on the video, the interpretation will be quite long, and the time is limited. After reading the cards, you put them in a pile, removing the central and first card. These two cards are your key to the question of what is causing the damage. You shuffle the cards and ask the question what to do to remove the damage? And lay out the cards in a triangle. The top three cards are placed in triangles, and the rest are removed. These three cards will be the answer to the question through what to remove the damage.

Next, you can perform the ritual through these cards that you want. In the video, I tied these cards together with brushes, tying their energy into a single knot. (It could have been red thread, ribbons, or woolen thread, no matter, this time I took the brushes).

This is done over the cards with a plot:

"I knit, I knit, the cards (list the cards that you have dropped out) together I will tie, with (name) damage on them I will tie, ill-wishers (name) on no I will tie".

Then this node, along with the cards, is removed to a dark place by putting a photo of a person with damage under them.

After a week, this knot should be burned along with the photo. The cards should be fumigated with incense to clean them.

In addition to this, you can also perform any ritual for removing damage and cleaning. In this ritual, I showed you how to make a discount on cards.

If you have any questions, ask them, I am always ready to answer them.


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