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For what, my life beats me or it is a curse in my life.

For what, my life beats me or it is a curse in my life.

Since my earliest virginity, I can't remember a single year of happy life. As many people probably remember. Such words as glasnost and perestroika. Yes, there was once a country like the USSR. This country is no longer on the world map. Former Soviet republics became independent States. My country Kazakhstan is no exception. Kazakhstan seceded from the Russian Federation. It was during this most troubled time that my childhood passed, as did many children in Kazakhstan at that time. It was very hard to remember those times.

At the age of twelve, my mother went to another man and started another family there. I was left to my father. My father drank heavily and I had to go to boarding school. I don't want to see my drunk father for days. When I finished boarding school, I successfully entered the

Kazakh national University named after al-Farabi. Yes, the University has helped me to master to perfection the three foreign languages. I have studied English, Turkish, and Arabic.

My knowledge of foreign languages has come in handy many times in my life. On my internship after graduating from the al-Farabi Kazakh national University, I went to Istanbul, Turkey. In practice, I met a young guy in Istanbul. My young man was a Turk from a very wealthy family. With this young man, we had mutual love, feelings, sex. The parents of the young man, were against it when the question of a wedding arose.

For what, my life beats me or it is a curse in my life.When Mehmet told his parents that he wanted to marry me. His parents were absolutely against our wedding. Explaining the refusal that I am a foreigner and not a Turkish citizen. And the most dramatic argument against our marriage with Mehmed. That I am not from a full-fledged and not well-off family from Kazastan. Yes, they knew that their son Mehmed was Dating me. They knew their son was sleeping with me and making love and having sex. At the time, they were happy that their son Mehmed was sleeping with me and making love and having sex. Mehmed loved me very much, and we didn't fight. When Mehmed just said he wanted to marry me. His parents forbade him to meet and communicate with me. Motivating that their son should marry a girl of his own circle and from a well-off family, for the sake of future children of grandchildren and granddaughters.

At this time, I was already downloading my work visa in Turkey. I didn't want to fly home to Kazakhstan to Nur-Sultan (Astana) Astana. Previously, I have heard and read a lot myself for marriage by marriage. At that time, it seemed to me that my life was going on. What if I successfully get married on the calculation of the Turk, my life will be successful and rich. I myself very much did not want to return to my Homeland Kazakhstan. In Kazakhstan, no one was waiting for me in Astana, and no one needed me there. And at that time, the economic situation in Kazakhstan was not stable. As soon as I broke up with mehmedov, I immediately found a Turkish man much older than myself, the age difference was 25 years.

I married a Turk and through my marriage I soon became a Turkish citizen. I wasn't the only one doing it. A lot of girls from the former Soviet Union republics. They dreamed of marrying a foreigner "Marriage of convenience". Through a marriage of convenience, many young girls left their countries Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine. A lot of young girls I met abroad who got married as a marriage of convenience. I was not an exception. Although the husband and his manhood was bad. I still gave birth to my husband's daughter. We lived with my husband very badly, my husband used to beat me when he drank alcohol. Very often he cheated on me with young girls. At the same time, he openly said that Allah himself allows Muslims to have several wives according to the Koran. In General, I was tired and ran away from my husband to the United Arab Emirates in Dubai. My husband didn't give me my daughter. Here in the UAE in Dubai, I met a Romanian man, although he was 27 years older than me. Even though he was twenty-seven years older than me, I fell in love with him and loved him very much. In the UAE to Dubai, he received good money, as a good specialist in the construction of OAB. He had a work visa from Romania. For his work, he received 12,000 one hundred and twenty thousand dollars a month. He promised me that he would buy me an apartment in Dubai in my name. I also saved money myself. This man had a Vice. If he drinks alcohol, it is as if another person and often drunk hit me. And I endured and endured. And today, once again, he drank alcohol and severely beat me. Took my money 35 thousand dollars that I saved myself. I myself am in complete despair and do not know what to do, how to live on. Earlier, in order to somehow change my karma in life, I converted to the Catholic faith. Life beats me all the time, and beats me, I'm so tired of suffering in life, I just want a human female happiness. I don't see my poor name on it. Ifara my name.

For what, my life beats me or it is a curse in my life.I do not want to not enchant him, not to make a strong magic, psychic spell on him. I don't need a fortune teller or a Tarot card reader. I just want family happiness, and I love it.

On YouTube, I just accidentally saw your video clip : "Shaman of Siberia. Protection From covid-19 Coronavirus. Shaman of Siberia. Protection from...

I have previously heard and read that there are strong shamans in Siberia who can influence the fate of people. Yes, strong shamans of Siberia, there are also in Khakassia, Buryatia, Altai, Yakutia. Here in the United Arab Emirates of Dubai. It is impossible to find a strong shaman in Siberia.

Dear strong shaman of Siberia, help me in my grief, trouble. I will not remain in debt and will thank you. Please make me and my man a strong shamanic rite of Siberian shamanism for us. That we lived amicably, did not fight, and that my beloved man took me to wife and no longer drank alcohol. That I was only one girl woman in his life. That he wanted and wanted only me.