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How do I communicate with a deceased relative on my own?

medium. A session of spiritualism.

It is believed that when a person dies, he leaves his body and continues his existence as a spirit, soul, consciousness, a bundle of energy. The etheric body falls into another form of reality that cannot be seen from the world of the living. It is very difficult to feel the presence of a dead person using the five senses, but this does not mean that it is impossible to communicate with them.
After a person's spirit gets to the "other side", it still remains in emotional contact with people who loved it during life. Many try to send a message that they are all right.
How do they do it?
contact with the deceasedAfter the spirit first gets to the "other side", it probably does not yet know how to contact the people left on earth. But probably other inhabitants of the other world, deceased relatives, angels and spiritual guides give a hint how to do this. But the fact that the spirit of the deceased sends a message does not mean that someone will be able to receive and understand it.
It is very difficult to imagine how a dead person feels, watching the suffering of loved ones, without being able to calm them.
As time passes, the spirit of the deceased person tries to give a sign that it still exists. There are quite a lot of signs sent from the "other world". The most common signs are flickering light bulbs, changing the position or fall of a photo hanging on the wall, a violation in the operation of household appliances, deviation in the behavior of Pets, the appearance of butterflies or birds, the appearance of smells that the deceased loved, special songs played on the radio, etc. 
contact with the deceasedThe most common method of communication used by deceased people is through sleep. Quite often people have dreams in which a loving person appears and sends a message. This dream seems very clear and real.
During sleep, the mind and consciousness of a person are relaxed and open to the perception of information. It is much easier for the spirit to make contact than during daytime wakefulness, when a person's head is a "mess" of thoughts and emotions.
Not all dreams in which there is an image of a dead person are real contact. Very often, the subconscious mind can itself cause a person to have such dreams. As a rule, when you actually contact the spirit of the deceased, a message of love, confidence, and emotional connection is transmitted. Often, dead people convey knowledge or a warning about the future.
How do I contact the other world on my own?

contact with the deceasedYou can contact your loved one just by addressing them mentally. The fact is that the souls of close people are able to hear a person's thoughts. There is no guarantee that at the very moment when they are addressed, they are not busy and listen. But, with due perseverance, you can wait for an answer. This response will usually come with some delay in time.
Communicating with the spirit of the deceased in real time can be quite difficult. This is exactly what professional mediums do. Without proper training and talent, it is quite difficult to make such a contact on your own. 
contact with the deceasedThere is a way to communicate with the spirit on your own. To do this, you need to relax, imagine a well-lit place where pleasant music is playing and mentally invite the deceased to talk. If everything is successful, then the person will have the opportunity to ask a few questions to the spirit.
The difficulty is not to confuse real contact with your imagination. But this, too, can be easily verified. In real contact, we will discuss things that are difficult to think of and imagine in everyday life. Images and images of unfamiliar things will appear in your head. Thoughts will come from outside.
It is hard enough to live with the knowledge that you will never be able to communicate with your loved one again. But you should not be upset in advance. The dead do not leave us forever, they only change the form of existence.
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