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Open doors, shaman Arrkuda from Siberia Krasnoyarsk.

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It so happened in my life that I am a native of the Ukrainian city of Kiev. After school, I decided to enter Moscow State University in Moscow.

I graduated from high school with a gold medal. I didn't want to go to local universities in Kiev. To my surprise, to my happiness, I entered the Moscow State University, Moscow. I was young, beautiful, as people say: - "Komsomolka excellent student". On a parallel course at Moscow State University, I met a young man. He, himself, was a local native of Moscow. Usually, who is not a native resident of Moscow, but visiting limiters. They are often proud and tell everyone, friends and relatives, that they live in Moscow.

My young man was a modest one from a family of professors. Such a seemingly modest boy is the son of a professor. To be honest, when my young man invited me to their home and introduced me to his father and mother. I was amazed at the time, it seemed to me that our life with the young man was like fate brought us together in a place. There were mutual feelings. Then my favorite person and I decided to get married as soon as we graduated from Moscow State University. My parents, perceived my young man. As the right choice. Time is running fast now the long-awaited day has come. When my young man and I came to our home in Kiev in Ukraine.

My young man intended to ask my hand and heart from my parents. My dad was a very powerful man and worked in the KGB of Ukraine. Our parents gave us a fur wedding in Moscow. The wedding was celebrated twice in the beginning at the parents of my beloved in Moscow, then at my parents in Kiev. Yes, it was a time, a time when there was still the USSR. There was no separation of Ukraine from the USSR. There was no war of Ukraine for the Donbass with the Russian Federation. And then came the evil fate of fate, karma on December 26, 1991. The collapse of the USSR — the processes of systemic disintegration in the social structure, national economy, social and political sphere of the Soviet Union, which led to the termination of its existence on December 26, 1991. Our lives have changed a lot for the worse.

Мои контакты: Sagal1963@yandex.ru  https://www.magya-nikolaev.ru Skype : mag-nikolaev +79676075177(Viber ; WhatsApp)My dad was politely asked to write an application to resign at his own request for years of service in the KGB. Through our mutual friends, we managed to leave London for the UK. My dad helped. I will not hide, at the beginning of emigration to London it was very difficult to adapt. Thanks to the savings of our parents. We immediately bought a property in London, a villa and a hotel for business, a hotel in London, United Kingdom. All the shocks that we brought perestroika, glasnost, the privatization of Gorbachev, Yeltsin in the Russian Federation. I watched from London.

Time, like solid water in a mountain stream, runs fast and does not stop. My husband and I had two wonderful children, a boy and a girl. It seemed to live and make good money. Children, grown up. And here is my son, met a girl from Ukraine, from Kiev. To my son, I have repeatedly said: - this is not the love you have. Your girlfriend has more of a commercial, calculating interest in marrying you for convenience.

All my arguments, arguments, my son took with hostility. Unbeknownst to me, a wall had formed between my son and me. Like the famous wall that used to divide the two Germanies into the two countries of the German people. It seems that the nation is one, only the Germans. Yes, here are different views on life. FRG capitalist Germany. GDR Socialist Germany. So I am with my son, one blood, native. Conditionally, approximately, as, the years of the Revolution of 1917, in tsarist Russia. Who is for the white movement, who is for the Reds, the Bolsheviks. I myself feel, with my mother's heart, that I am a new girl. Dating my son, for his social position in society. For the money, for our family. Yes, it is, of course, a marriage of convenience, without love.

Here in London, I found a good fortune teller from India, New Delhi. A fortune teller, telling me fortune for my coffee. Many people have heard, read in books, there is such a fortune-telling on coffee. This is when a person drinks a cup of coffee, thinking about those questions in his life that he is trying to find answers to and solve these questions in a positive way. The most fortune-teller, fortune-teller, fortune-teller from India New Delhi. I, myself, did not tell anything, and the fortune-teller herself, did not ask me anything. To a fortune teller, a fortune teller for coffee.

magician in russiaI came, on a proven recommendation, here in London. My friends from the high society of London often secretly visit this Indian fortune-teller, fortune-teller. Beret, this fortune-teller, fortune-telling for coffee fortune-telling 1500 pounds. Naturally, an ordinary resident of Lond can not afford such money as paying for fortune-telling on coffee. According to my mutual friends in London. This Indian fortune-teller, fortune-teller, does not charge 1,500 pounds for her services as a fortune-teller, fortune-teller, for coffee. When an Indian fortune teller looks at the remains of coffee. It is as if the invisible portals of life are opening up before her.

As if she, a clairvoyant, sees the past, the future, and the present. Even sees the corners of the secret soul, the person himself, his secret thoughts, and desires. Personally, she told me that there was a time in my life when I wanted to leave my husband because of my lover, my husband. I was amazed, to be honest, because such thoughts were about the divorce from my husband. This caused a great deal of trust and respect for the Indian fortune teller, the fortune teller for coffee. When, the fortune teller, began to tell for my son and his relationship with a Ukrainian woman from Kiev. I was, very, very impressed. The fortune teller told me that my son is wearing a strong, powerful spell. Which is called "Black, matchmaker, black wedding".

That such a strong spell, the girl ordered at home in Ukraine in Kiev from a strong, hereditary, generic witch. Moreover, the spell itself is a black wedding, a black matchmaker. I paid for the Ukrainian witch with my son's money. Well, knowing his son, what a kind, not greedy and gallant cavalier he is, this is his trait gene in his father. My son gave his girlfriend from Ukraine a whole set of earrings, a ring, a necklace and a pendant with natural precious stones of the first group class "A". Here, with this headset, the Ukrainian woman paid off the Ukrainian witch. I, when I learned from our family jeweler that, my, son ordered and bought a set with precious natural stones. Honestly, I was a little shocked. As here, so, you can just take and give jewelry, a commoner, which. they cost a fortune. Naturally, at home with my son was not a pleasant conversation. Where, my son admitted that he was dating a young girl from Ukraine. From all these not pleasant news, I realized it is urgent to save my beloved son.

magician in russiaWhen I asked an Indian fortune teller in London what I should do and how to save my son, remove a strong spell from him, a black wedding, a black matchmaker. Indian, the fortune teller told me. What is done in such a strong love spell as black, wedding, black matchmaker, according to black magic in those days when a person is buried on his grave. She herself does not know how to remove a strong spell, black, wedding, black matchmaker. And as far as she knows all the esotericists in London, there are no such strong esoteric specialists in London. And who, if they undertake to shoot a strong spell, a black wedding, a black matchmaker, so these are ordinary scammers, charlatans. But she also gave me practical advice. Once, you did a strong spell on the grave of a deceased person, then you will be helped to remove it by a strong hereditary shaman. Who knows both the lower World and the Higher World.

Shamans, fly on their horses tambourines in these secret worlds. You need such a strong ancestral, hereditary shaman. Who will be able to descend to the lower lower world of the deceased World and buy your son's soul from the deceased and bring his soul to the upper World. You probably heard that in Siberia, Altai, Buryatia, Yakutia, Tuva, Khakassia in Russia live the descendants of ancestral shamans. But I want to warn you right away that among the shamans, there are a lot of impostors, charlatans. Who can just get your money out of you on your family's misery. And remember for everything, your o remaining, life, the miser pays twice. If a shaman, a sorcerer, a psychic for his work is strong, asks for a little money, before you an ordinary charlatan.

As the Indian fortune-teller on coffee warned me, so it really turned out. When in Russia in Khakassia, Buryatia, Yakutia, Tuva, Altai, Siberia, I became through the Internet, Wasab, Viber, a strong generic, hereditary shaman, shaman. Then basically, I met some charlatans shamans and shamans. There were such shamans, shamanesses, who did not ask for money for their work and shamanic rituals of kamlaniya with spirits. And they said that you will pay as much as you do not mind or as much as you see fit. Yes, I, personally, have nothing to lose for the happy life of my son.


magician in russiait's a pity, we are ready to give everything for a happy family son. Although I myself am not a shaman from Altai, Buryatia, Khakassia, Tuva, Yakutia. And I understand perfectly well in official medicine, unless a good surgeon, a professor, will perform organ transplants for a penny. A person who does not value his work means that he does not value the life of another person.

Apparently, this is fate, fate, karma, at the behest of a lucky chance. Purely by chance, I went to the site of the shaman Arrkuda from Siberia, the city of Krasnoyarsk. The shaman, by Wasab, Viber, immediately told me that with my son, that it is urgent to remove a strong spell black matchmaker. Black wedding, Ukrainian witch, so, my son's girlfriend, persuades my son to get married secretly in another country, as she knows that the will of the parents is against this marriage with her. If, in the near future, you do not remove a strong spell. Black matchmaker, black wedding then a Ukrainian woman will marry your son and go with him to the crown of a marriage of convenience.

I agreed with the opinion of the shaman Arrkud from Siberia in Russia. Here, just for his work and his rituals of shamanic kamlaniya shaman Arrkuda from Krasnoyarsk immediately asked 50 thousand pounds to his account in the bank Raiffeisenbank. As in Russia, it is better to use Raiffeisenbank to transfer money to a personal account in pounds sterling.

I took about three days to think about it. At home, my husband and I thought it over. We personally did not want our son to marry a commoner from Ukraine from Kiev. My husband and I saw a vivid example as a prince . Britain's Prince Harry has married former American actress and model Meghan Markle. Queen Elizabeth II granted her grandson and his chosen one the titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex. We remember the tragic death of Princess Diana.

magician in russiaSeeing with my husband such not successful examples in life and understanding that in all these cases it was not without black magic, witchcraft, extrasensory perception of a person. This is how Garry Kasparov lost the chess tournament to the influence of psychics. The 1972 World Chess Championship match between Boris Spassky and Robert Fischer took place in Reykjavik, Iceland. The match was accompanied by scandals and psychological warfare between its participants and ended with a score of 12½ : 8½ in favor of Fischer. This match, in which citizens of the USSR and the United States met at the height of the Cold War, was repeatedly called the "match of the century"in the Western press of that time. The prize fund of the match for the first time in the history of chess was $ 250,000, the influence of KGB psychics.

I, transferred to the shaman of Arrkuda from Siberia Krasnoyarsk 50 thousand pounds sterling. Literally, a week later, my son, my favorite, said that he broke up with his girlfriend from Ukraine Kiev.

To all parents, I want to advise if in your life there was a similar case as I have. Your daughter. Or the son wants to marry a commoner, well, raise it exactly love, and not a marriage of convenience.


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