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The strongest pagan holiday on the night of July 6 to July 7 is Ivan Kupalo in Russia.

The strongest pagan holiday

Abroad, the Scandinavian countries the goddess of Beltane, the queen of Maya! The strongest night of the year. The longest day of the year. The shortest night of the year. Solstice.
Many, girls, women, girls who want to get married very, very soon. As rules, who, knows, who knows the secret of nature lesse seven seals, tablets, the rite of the sacrament, witchcraft, magic, sorcery, wizardry-miracles. Call, mother nature of wizardry-witches, sorcerers, healers, herbalists, folk healers, sorcerers, wizards, shamans do not miss this day, but conduct their secret pagan rites-signs of the wizard's occupation; witchcraft, magic.
Many young people, especially in Europe, in Siberia, Krasnoyarsk, in Moscow, in St. Petersburg, try to spend this solstice holiday on their own. Query search Yandex, Google gives a lot of references to Ivan Kupalo. Many people spend this holiday on the shortest night from July 6 to July 7. Yes, here is the trouble of ritual pagan magic, witchcraft, miracles-are transmitted only by ancestral inheritance. If this is a sorcerer, witch, shaman, they must be hereditary ancestral not lower than the fifth generation, such as the Siberian magician, sorcerer, shaman from Krasnoyarsk Igor Leonidovich. Who knows the secrets of the keys of strong love spells, ritual magic of witchcraft how to successfully marry soon through the rite on Ivan Kupala.
When uninitiated people perform a rite of marriage or a strong spell on Ivan Kupala, the cognitive static counteracts the customer with great consequences for the girl's family, so that she can remain a black widow until the end of her days on earth. Until the spirits of love call her soul, through the torment of the body on the deathbed-bed, bed, bed. Such girls can't give their soul to God for a very long time.
The strongest pagan holidayMany young naive girls, women try to save on ritual magic, witchcraft, shamanism, paganism. Assuming that there is nothing difficult in conducting the rite of Ivan Kupala. Light a fire, stand in a circle, read a strong plot to get married. Or ask the spirits to make a strong spell of motley grass on this day. Only here the fee is very high, it is the health of future children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. Yes, it would seem that there, weave a wreath of wild flowers of various grasses, put it on your head. Strip down to your head and take a ride on the ross, then take a head bath in the pond. Many people heard the bell, but did not know where it was. This is about when a person gets sick, then he treats himself and makes a diagnosis. Doctor of the highest category for example, 5 years of institute, residency, plus practice for 15-15 years, then it is possible to be a doctor of the highest category. This is about how a person reads the information on the Internet Ivan Kupala and immediately performs the operation for the surgeon's place on the operating table. Then such young girls, women go to the grandmothers of the healers. They ask me to remove the black streak in my life, fate, karma, curses, ancestral damage. It's your own fault.
Many articles on the Internet, Yandex and Google on the topic a Midsummer written arbitrarily for the sake of the Tisza and the promotion of resursov and search the query. But ordinary people, girls, women, do not know this. - payment of dues to demons, devils, dark forces of evil. I don't know.
In the old days, such rites were performed only by priests, such as the ancestral hereditary sorcerer, the magician from Krasnoyarsk Siberia Igor Leonidovich. As a hereditary, sorcerer, magician from Krasnoyarsk Siberia, the priest of the coven of the wolf, eagle, owl regularly conducts a secret ceremony for the marriage of girls, women on Ivan Kupalo.
During the ritual night on Ivan Kupalo, Igor Leonidovich reads a strong plot for love, good luck, to marry a young girl or a widow who buried her husband. Who was on the ritual magic, witchcraft, the ritual itself is a strong spell, or the secret of the wedding for marriage. They say that the magician, the sorcerer Igor Leonidovich from Krasnoyarsk reads his conspiracy words only in a half-whisper - whisper-whisperers are witches?
The strongest pagan holidaySometimes many people apply from Europe, Germany Burlin, France Paris, Spain Madrid, Italy Rome. For them a sorcerer from Siberia Krasnoyarsk reads a love plot a love spell for marriage: "Goddess of Beltane, Queen of the Maya! Holy night! Holy night from July 6 to July 7. We do not destroy the spirit, the trebs of a young girl for a quick marriage, if the widow is a widow, then accompany the goddess of her daughter for marriage. Like Mother Earth. Fire, the god of light Bela? Hear the demand. The goddesses of Beltane's time! With Aphrodite-the goddess of love, beauty. You hear the Cornous of the Celtic pagan race. Beltane! Feast, love, fertility, debauchery turn your eyes to the slave God Pan, God Cernunos.
If, for example, a girl, a woman from Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg and dreams of getting married soon successfully or to enchant a strong love spell of a young man. Toya pagan Gods of Yarilo-the sun, marriage rites, Dazhbog, Horse, Yarilo. Naturally, the magician, the sorcerer from Siberia, Krasnoyarsk completely does not reveal his hereditary witchcraft secrets of the priest of the wolf, eagle, owl coven, sorcery, and helps people only for money. For as the Siberian sorcerer says, a strong spell of the beloved, the beloved happiness, love is only for the rich, and for the poor people who can not afford to scorch the ancestral, hereditary sorcerer from Krasnoyarsk Igor Leonidovich. Only a free search on Yandex, Google strong spell on the day of Ivan Kupalo the sun standing.