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The strongest spell on the night of Ivan Kupala from July 6 to July 7, 2021.

The strongest spell

I myself live in the city of London in England. I have heard that hereditary tribal sorcerers, witches, healers, shamans still live in Krasnoyarsk in Siberia. I read a lot for the Siberian shamans of Krasnoyarsk, Tuva Kyzyl, Buryatia Ulan-Ude, Khakassia Abakan, Altai Gorno-Altaysk. I have a difficult situation in my life. I was married twice not successfully. Somehow, I personally have no luck with men. The man of my destiny. Everyone comes across some men who are not the ones that I want for family life. Either parasites, or idlers, or utter gigolos, or starving. Or stingy greedy people. It seems that the age is already pressing, it will soon be 37 years old. I want stability, stable from the burden of family. Honestly, I was tired of different male partners for one or several nights without obligations. It seems that I will meet a man, talk to him, look at him carefully and understand with my mind no, this man is not mine. The most offensive thing is that many men are only interested in sex without obligations for one night.

I have read a lot for Siberian sorcerers, magicians in Krasnoyarsk. That only in Krasnoyarsk there were hereditary ancestral sorcerers, magicians, shamans. Earlier, even before the Revolution of 1917, many were exiled to Siberia in Krasnoyarsk. Even the famous Revolutionary Ulyanov Lenin went by stage to exile through Krasnoyarsk, Minusinsk, Abakan, the Shushenskoye place of his exile with Nadezhda Krupskaya. Then the Soviet government destroyed magicians, sorcerers, shamans in Siberia in Krasnoyarsk, Yakutia Yakutsk, Khakassia Abakan, Tuva Kyzyl, Buryatia Ulan-Ude, Altai Gorno-Altaysk. So say many sources of information on the Internet, Yandex and Google at the request of hereditary tribal powerful sorcerer, wizard, shaman. They write on the Internet that a generic self-called magician, sorcerer, shaman really lives in Siberia in Krasnoyarsk. The witchcraft name "Magician Nikolaev, the shamanic name of the shaman of Siberia Krasnoyarsk "Shaman Arrkuda". People say that even under the tsar before the Revolution, the great-grandfather of the magician Nikolaev was sent into exile to Krasnoyarsk. Yes, Great-great - great-grandfather . it was not an easy one. mortals and was from the princely family of the Polish gentry from the Vernitsky family.

That the roots of the Vernitsky – Von - Milovzorov family are from Saxon, Saxon-Germans and Poles of the Princely family from the Polish city of Krakow. The capital of Poland from 1038 to 1596, until 1734 — the place of the coronation of Polish kings. The name comes from the personal name Krak (the founder or owner of the fortress, according to legend-the prince who allegedly ruled in the VI-VII centuries. The origin of the name is disputed: from the Slavic krak (raven, modern Polish. kruk) or from the Celtic languages. During the appanage era, many Germans settled in Krakow. Feeling their importance and hoping for the support of the princes of Silesia, the Krakow Germans in 1311. For this reason, German blood flows in the veins of the descendants of the princely family of the Vernitsky - Von Milovzorovs. From here was the prefix "Background".

The great – grandson of the Vernitsky –Von-Milovzorov family, Igor Leonidovich, was the only one of the descendants of the grand princely family of the Vernitsky – Von - Milozorovs. Who lives to this day in Siberia in Krasnoyarsk. This is what the column family books of the princely, baronial family of the Vernitsky – Von – Milovzorovs say. Earlier, even under the father tsar, serfs did not have personal passports. They were called, for example, that the peasants of the estate of the Vernitsky – Von - Milovzorov family.

I have a personal request to the glorious descendant of the princely, Polish, German family of Barons in Vernitsky - Von - Milovzhorov Igor Leonidovich. I learned from the Internet that your great-great-grandfather really practiced black magic, witchcraft, and Eastern European magic at the court of Casimir the Great.

And behind his eyes at the court of Casimir the Great in 1319, he had the nickname :- The Wawel Dragon, "The Black Raven of witchcraft, black magic". Allegedly, he knew magic and at night turned into a black raven and frightened the inhabitants of old Krakow.

In the distant third section (1795), Krakow came under the rule of Austria; from 1809 to 1815 it belonged to the Duchy of Warsaw. The ancestors of the princely family on the Polish line Vernitsky-Von-Milovzorov had to flee to tsarist Russia. So the ancestral branch on the German line, Baron Von, refused to accept from the old Germany.

Dear, glorious, descendant of the Vernitsky – Von – Milovzorov family, I know that you currently live in Siberia in Krasnoyarsk. And you continue to practice your ancestral witchcraft of black magic. I ask you very much, do for me on a strong karmic day on the holiday of Ivan Kupala on the night of July 6 to July 7, 2021. The ritual is a magical magical rite "A marriage of convenience, a happy share in marriage."!

So here in England there are no hereditary ancestral magicians, sorcerers, shamans, and I personally do not believe in crooks from magic, witchcraft. Why, I also decided to personally address you personally, dear "witchcraft, shamanic name magician Nikolaev". I myself am a descendant of a baroness from a German-Saxon family. And my grandmother personally studied at Smolny earlier, but during the Revolution, my relatives managed and were able to leave Russia back in the 1917 Revolution and immigrate to England to London. There is no one else from our family in Russia. I hope you understand me perfectly, as a hereditary ancestral pillar nobleman. That I personally need a husband, my circle, a princely family. I trust in you that you will not leave the descendant of Baron Von without special attention.

P\S . With the deepest respect to you, Baroness De. K..