Black magic

Black magicYou can argue for a long time about whether magic affects the fate of people, whether there is such a concept in the modern world at all?! Is it possible to say with complete seriousness that in the 21st century there is a place for all sorts of otherworldly phenomena? In any case, there is no denying the fact that a person is driven not only by greed or a sense of duty, not so much by the desire to get hold of something forbidden or help their loved ones. It is impossible to ignore the surrounding reality, which shows that there is a higher power that dominates the fate of each individual.
Some call this force nature, others claim that their actions are directed by God, others rely solely on themselves, but they all recognize that the universe is subject to certain laws.
History of black magic
Black magicUnfortunately, magic knowledge is not always used for the good of humanity. Some used them for love spells, some needed boundless love conquests, some dreamed of undivided power, magic helped to achieve all these benefits.
Black magic-the ability to influence life circumstances and events, using special rituals and attributes. If white magic uses "white" methods (prayers, good spells, etc.). That is, it is based on an appeal to otherworldly (infernal) forces. When performing such rites, sorcerers turn to evil entities or the devil. In this regard, it is especially important to cast spells correctly and be aware of the consequences of these actions.
The first mention of magic in General, and of black magic in particular, dates back to medieval theological works. It was one of the main weapons of the priests. It was not stopped even later, in the time of Plato and Pythagoras. During this period, there was a theory that magic is primarily a science. At the same time, they began to discuss the aspect that magic can not be white or black, and only the intentions of the person who is engaged in it can give it a certain direction.
For example, if a person who addresses the world of the supernatural has impure thoughts or sets himself the task of harming someone, then such a rite can not be “white” a priori.
Rites and rituals of black magic
Black magicIt should be noted at once that actions with malicious intent always generate serious consequences, so before you decide to do this kind of thing, you need to weigh everything a thousand times. After all, in the case of black magic, the law of attraction hits especially hard and all the troubles that led to the misfortune of others with toritsa return to the one who wished evil to his neighbor. Therefore, it is not necessary to describe in detail the stages of these dubious events, but it is still possible to list them:
1. Love spell
2. The plots are for a separation
3. Plots to attract money
4. All types of damage (for illness, death, etc.)
5. Submission to the will of man
Black magicThis is not a complete list of what magicians do. These ways of interacting with the other world are many, and in this age of information technology, anyone can access them. You can use the services of black magic at your discretion. A hereditary shaman and Psychic will perform for you the ritual that you wish


Attention! By ordering the services of black magic, you take full responsibility for the harm caused to a person. The magician who conducts the ritual is only an intermediary in the conduct of the rite.

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