Lifting the curse

Lifting the curse. Help of a psychic from Russia

removing the generic curseMagic as it is considered in society has little to do with everyday life. Love spells, spells, the evil eye and the curse are perceived by people as something not real, fairy-tale, unrelated to reality. This materialistic thinking is automatically transferred to all spheres of life. Including the love sphere. And now everyone is ready to blame their partner for their heart failures rather than themselves. Tango is always danced by two people and therefore, this erroneous judgment needs to be changed and reconsidered. It often happens that the inability to build a strong relationship hides the so-called birth curse, laid deep in the subconscious of one of the parents. It is this negative program that prevents a woman from meeting her future beloved spouse, and a man from meeting the one and only one.
The generic curse is not a rare phenomenon, as is commonly believed among esotericists. Everyone can earn it. Often the curse is sent by envious women who are very angry. Violent emotions, backed up by powerful energy, like a catapult shoot a charge of negative force into the biofield of an unsuspecting victim. And now the aura is infected. There is another version of the curse – this is what is called in religions "sinful" behavior, unwillingness to serve the Lord.
removing the generic curseUsually the curse is passed either through the female line or the male line. In other words, the boy will inherit the negative attitudes of the father, and the daughter – the mother. The curse has another negative property – it undermines the health of all family members, affects prosperity and life in all its manifestations. Even worse, when the generic curse is reborn into a curse that poisons the entire family. In this case, expect trouble. You can change this trend only by believing that the root of this invisible danger lies in the plane of the soul, energy and laws of the subtle world. From the depths of antiquity came the knowledge that the genealogical branch is vulnerable and requires constant support and care from all members of the family.
Signs of a curse
removing the generic curseYou can recognize a curse by its characteristic-it is the repetition of absolutely identical mistakes from generation to generation. For example, divorce and infidelity of all men. Generic karma is such that it is very difficult to see it in the early stages. The curse will start only during puberty, when there is a desire to find your soul mate. Until this point, the person will seem absolutely adequate, independent and independent of the parent's opinion. Difficulties will begin as soon as the girl or guy wants a serious relationship. The malware of the subconscious mind will arrange everything so that light Affairs, flirting and rare dates will still be allowed, but the rest (romance, sexual intimacy, marriage) will fall under the ban. Any attempts to start a relationship will fall apart at the initial stage. The curse, affecting the mind, will dictate its will, prohibiting even such a common phenomenon as cohabitation. Of course, that sex will disappear from your life. As soon as the moment of intimacy comes, as if by accident, there will be a conflict that quickly flows into a break.
Fighting options
Not every psychic can remove a generic curse. 
If you want to get help from an experienced psychic, magician or healer. Then you should look for such a specialist who has the necessary knowledge and is ready to respond to the call in Siberia alone. Because in Russia in Siberia since ancient times there were great healers, healers and sorcerers - psychics. There are very few psychics who have the necessary information and a lot of empirical experience, but the hereditary sorcerer Igor Vernitsky is one of the best psychics in Russia. It will help to remove the ancestral curse and restore your biofield.
Recording for the removal of the birth curse to a psychic:
- By email: [email protected]
- Viber or WhatsApp (+79676075177)
- Skype: mag-Nikolayev
A psychic from Russia conducts a reception in Russian. Therefore, if you need the help of a hereditary shaman, you should have a translator. Fortunately, there is now an online translation in messengers. Or ask your friends from Russia or those who know Russian to help translate. Thanks for understanding.