Defensive magic

Defensive magicMagic is a certain way of thinking that allows a person to communicate with unknown forces, to perform certain actions that affect what is happening in the earthly world.
Every person needs protection, as they are exposed to the evil eye or curse every day. Negative, destructive energy can be sent by a close person or work colleague. During a strong emotional shock, each person may have magical abilities that will lead to negative consequences. Aggression, fatigue, mood swings, and depression indicate that the energy balance is disturbed. Help is needed. Individual talismans protect a person from the influence of negative energy.
Magic can protect a person from attacks on their health or life, reduce the risk of attacks and accidents. This protection is necessary for people who risk their lives every day. For example, miners, policemen.

Defensive magic

Family relationships are often influenced from outside. Envy and anger destroy the family. Quarrels arise for no reason at all. The behavior of loving spouses defies logical explanation. These signs indicate the presence of damage or the evil eye. I need help to break the spell and protect my family. In these cases, we recommend amulets that will warn of magical effects.
To protect yourself from negative effects, contact a hereditary shaman from Siberia. It will give you magical protection. Creates a talisman for you. Protect you and your family.

Defensive magicIf in your life there is a need to turn to protective magic, so that you, your relationship or business, are protected by higher forces, feel free to contact a psychic Igor. This man is capable of many things, he has repeatedly proved his abilities to the press, both in Newspapers and on television. You can safely contact him, because he is the person who can help you.


 A psychic from Russia conducts a reception in Russian. Therefore, if you need the help of a hereditary shaman, you should have a translator. Fortunately, there is now an online translation in messengers. Or ask your friends from Russia or those who know Russian to help translate. Thanks for understanding.


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