Shamanism-the art of communicating with spirits

shamanismShamanism in the United States. The shaman's art of communicating with spirits.
Shaman-a word that came from the Tungusic language of the people of Siberia, and incorporated the designation of people known as healers, wizards, wizards, witches, etc., combining all these concepts, but not every magician or wizard has the right to be called a shaman. A shaman is a person who is a kind of intermediary between the world of the living and the world of spirits. He has access to all realms of the Universe, knows and can speak all languages of the Universe : the language of animals, language, plants, trees, language and various human languages. Even if the shaman, for all his life, does not go beyond the domain of his tribe and does not know another language other than his native one, then after performing the ritual, he will be able to speak an unfamiliar language for himself, having never heard it before. It is believed that this knowledge is given to the shaman by helper spirits. It is safe to say that the shaman is a storehouse of great knowledge. Shamanism cannot and cannot be learned. This gift is inherited, provided that the heir has all the necessary qualities to be able to accept the gift.


After accepting the "inheritance", the young shaman goes through a long and difficult path of training and testing. As soon as the heir passes all the stages of training and during the tests proves his fitness, a special rite is initiated into shamans. Only after all the tests and special rites of initiation, the young shaman has the right to put on a headband with long plaits and make his first trip to the Sky.
The shaman is proficient in the practice of trance. He can easily fall into a trance (ecstasy) and, being in this state for a long time, communicate with spirits. Spirits are the chief helpers of the shaman. Usually a shaman has one or two spirits under his command. If necessary, the shaman can also attract other spirits to help. Helper spirits are the souls of deceased shamans and ancestors. The mystical ability of shamans to fall into ecstasy and communicate with spirits, always instilled in the tribesmen fear, awe and faith in the omnipotence of the shaman.
Shaman in the religion of the peoples of the world.
shamanismShaman – this is the oldest "profession" and is found not only among the peoples of the North. On other continents, shamans also existed and continue to exist, only they are called differently :
* Siberian shaman - among the peoples of the North;
* Medicine man-among American Indians;
* Sorcerer-healer - among the African peoples.
Despite the fact that shamans are engaged in healing (treatment), they can not be counted as a healer or herbalist, since the latter heals at the expense of accumulated knowledge, and the shaman is helped by spirits. The shaman is the Keeper of great knowledge about the healing properties of herbs and trees. According to the legends, the shaman receives this knowledge from the plants themselves or from helper spirits.
Shamanism is the magic of religion.
shamanismThe shaman's whole life's work, practice, is shamanism. Shamanism is a kind of magic - with one, but very significant difference : the shaman does not try to subordinate the environment to his will, but harmonizes the existence ( life ) of a person ( customer ) with nature. The shaman's attempt to bend the natural forces to his will may end very badly for him, and the shaman may die.
A healing ritual.
shamanismFor centuries, people have believed in the mystical power of the shaman. Falling into ecstasy (conscious trance ) shaman can predict the future, see the mistakes of the past and if possible correct them in the present, ask for advice from the spirits and, of course, treat and heal sick people. Before the healing ceremony, the shaman dresses up in his ritual costume. The shaman's costume is a kind of amulet and helps its owner to move more easily into the world of spirits : it is hung with various amulets, talismans and amulets, embroidered with special thematic patterns that also serve as protection from dark forces. An integral part of the rituals is the shaman's tambourine. The sounds of the tambourine help the shaman to enter an ecstatic state sooner. Falling into a trance, to the sound of a tambourine, the shaman is transported to the world of spirits. The soul of a shaman can take possession of an animal, often an eagle, and ascend to the heavens to help spirits. With the help of spirits, the shaman begins to treat the patient. The healing rite can last from several hours to several days. All the time that the ceremony lasts, the shaman remains in a state of trance. At the end of the healing ritual, when the patient is no longer in danger, the shaman may fall to the ground and tremble feverishly, or remain motionless, it is believed that at this time his soul returns to the physical body. Sometimes, in particularly difficult situations, the shaman can resort, with the permission of the spirits, to drastic measures – the sacrifice of blood. Sacrifice is a kind of payment to the spirits for the soul of the patient.
"Shamanic disease" is the first step in becoming a shaman.
shamanism"Shamanic disease" usually affects young people who are destined to become a shaman. On his life path, the old shaman seeks and chooses a young disciple to whom he will pass on his knowledge and skills. If, for some reason, the disciple is not found, then the higher forces, the spirits, themselves point to the worthy, sending down on him "shamanic disease". The disease manifests itself in terrible and frightening, for an unprepared person, symptoms :
• Bouts of drowsiness ;
* Headache attacks ;
* Auditory and visual hallucinations ;
* Strange and frightening visions ;
and also, the chosen one can hear the voices of spirits calling to him. As soon as the chosen one shows all the symptoms of the "shamanic disease", the acting shaman begins a long and difficult path of training the chosen one. After the initiation and initiation ritual of the disciple into shamans, all symptoms disappear. The disciple becomes a shaman and begins his long journey of service to the spirits.

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