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divination by Tarot cardsDivination, as you know, appeared a long time ago, but in fact, modern divination from the ancient ones is not much different. Divination rituals are performed on a wide variety of subjects. By the way about objects, the inventory used in the process of divination does not carry any information-it is only a guide. 
As a person develops, he began to understand that life and fate can be influenced not only by the Sun or the Moon. People were eager to learn more and it was from this that astrology eventually appeared, and then the subsequent types of prediction.
Before talking about the divination itself, you should familiarize yourself with some of the rules of this ritual.
1. The most important thing in divination is the ability to ask questions and interpret the answers received, otherwise it may lead to incorrect predictions.
2. It is very important to take into account that during the ritual, there should be no skeptics or people who treat divination with ridicule among the participants. Also during bad weather and at night (magic ritual should start after midnight).
3. During divination, do not cross your arms, legs, or fingers, because this interferes with the flow of energy.
4. If you feel unwell or have a bad mood, then divination should be postponed, as this will make it difficult to exchange information.
5. In any form of prediction: during one session, you can make one wish.
divination by Tarot cardsPopular methods of divination:
- on Tarot cards;
- on a coffee thick;
- on runes;
"on a crystal ball."
It is only necessary to determine what exactly a person wants to learn and in what way.

Ancient system of divination – Tarot Cards

There are several ways of divination on Tarot cards. Predicting the future, solving important questions, love problems, and much more tell the cards. Each card has its own philosophical meaning.
Divination by Tarot cards
These divinations seem inexplicable and supernatural fact, but they have quite a scientific explanation.
In 1916, a theory was put forward about the existence of common archetypes of people. Maps tell about processes, without details and without everyday situations. Most often, people who turn to Tarot are interested in questions related to their personal life.
But not everyone can understand what the cards are talking about. Those who lay out the cards are attuned to a certain person, to receive information. Similarly, it is pointless for people who do not know the meaning of each card to lay them out.
The technique of decomposition
divination by Tarot cardsNo hereditary gifts or superhuman abilities are required for card reading. But you can't just throw the cards around and think about what they showed. There is a list of divinations for this purpose:
«Three cards»;
This type will tell you about the current situation. Maps point to the past, present, and probable future.
«Seven stars»;
Helps ease the situation in the relationship.
Fortune-telling, for a case that a person must develop himself and tune in to a certain result or further development of events.
"Map of the day»;
This divination will help you look through the keyhole into the probable future.
«One card»
A clear answer to an exciting question.
Divination as parapsychology
divination by Tarot cardsInterest in the knowledge of the future can bring both positive and negative results. A person should set himself up for this in advance and accept any result.
Most often, it is problems in the personal life of many people that push them to go to psychics, fortune tellers, etc. There, they will be prompted and help find a solution to the problem. Fortune tellers and fortune tellers explain the problem - how they see it. This is a great parapsychologists and sides. They take on the role of consciousness, which evaluates the situation, and the human subconscious remembers the information said and automatically performs actions. People who have no problems also turn to magic powers, most often it is an interest.
A psychic from Russia is a Siberian shaman tarologue
divination by Tarot cardsSessions of divination on TAROT cards of the Siberian shaman Psychic from Russia are truly exclusive and unique, they are completely different from the divination of other magicians - psychics.
Tarot divination in the Siberian shaman-psychic combines not just the layout on the cards as we are used to seeing in the grandmothers of fortune tellers. This is a high-quality and professional approach to each of your questions.  It combines viewing the situation across multiple decks, which include simple cards, TAROT cards, Lenormand TAROT, and even vintage generic cards made by hand.
In addition to Tarot reading, the service includes viewing the situation by clairvoyance using a crystal ball. The Siberian psychic shaman has a unique gift of foresight, which he inherited from his great – grandfather-a Polish nobleman, a black sorcerer. This is what allows him to conduct the mystery of Tarot divination more productively. Clairvoyance allows you to find and find the right person, describe their appearance, character and social status. A psychic from Russia can predict the future of events. 
If your issue requires special attention of the shaman connects to the Natal chart – astrological forecast. With the help of which you can calculate what day and time you need to spend . Allows you to identify both the strengths and weaknesses of the people you want to find out information about. Find out what is waiting for you, determine your compatibility with your partner, and find out the most favorable day for conducting business transactions.
Sign up for a Tarot reading session with a psychic:

- By email: [email protected]
- Viber or WhatsApp (+79676075177)
- Skype: mag-nikolayev
A psychic from Russia conducts a reception in Russian. Therefore, if you need the help of a hereditary shaman, you should have a translator. Fortunately, there is now an online translation in messengers. Or ask your friends from Russia or those who know Russian to help translate. Thanks for understanding.
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