White magic

White magic as a way to get help

White magicWhite color-a symbol of innocence, purity, a harbinger of all good, it is customary to contrast everything bad “ " black”. Magic, of any kind, has always been considered something otherworldly, supernatural, descended from the devil. Over the years, white magic has acquired a diametrically opposite meaning. They turn to her when they want to return a loved one, get cured of an illness or find financial prosperity.
Those involved in white magic?
Since ancient times, in Russia, white magic was resorted to by healers (herbalists). With pain, it was not customary to go to a doctor, and not all settlements had a person of this profession. But the grandmother, who spells various ailments or removes the damage-was always there. These people lived on the outskirts of villages and in addition to their illnesses, they helped them cope with various difficulties (family troubles, quarrelsome neighbors, etc.).
- Healers: they could tell which plant or animal relieves mental wounds, collected various curiosities and charmed them. Knowledge was multiplied over the years and carefully stored. But they were passed only to the person who, in the opinion of the magician, had the ability to heal or sorcery. Most often, these skills passed to one of the family members.
- Witches. Someone, talking about this enchantress, imagines an old gray-haired lady in a handkerchief, who mumbles various spells. Others think of a beautiful, young, brown-eyed or green-eyed girl who whispers all sorts of conspiracies. Both of these points of view have a right to exist.
White magicIn ancient times, it was customary to interpret all unexplained events or natural disasters, the influence of otherworldly forces. People used to say, when they thought of the diviners,” I conjured them up, “” I conjured them up, " and so on. Anyone who was different from the rest – for example, had a house larger than the neighbor's or a more well-kept yard-risked being considered a wizard.
- Roma. It is no secret that with the appearance of this special nation, they began to attribute magical power. It was believed that they are good at guessing on cards, can make a strong spell or spell illness. They are called adherents of the dark forces, but in fairness, it is worth noting that this is not entirely true. As is often the Gypsies were sent to their skills for a good cause.
Today, many young women, and not only women, taking into account this historical experience, decide to attract money, love or the favor of colleagues into their lives by turning to white magic.
Some believe that white magic can only be practiced by well-trained wizards who know how to properly perform rituals, divination or predictions. This makes sense. After all, a wrong ritual can program a person for long-term failures or illnesses, at least so say “wizards with experience”.
But for those who are used to relying on the material world for everything, magic ways to attract good luck will also work. Since everyone brings into their life exactly what they strongly want or fear. This is a kind of conscious code aimed at overcoming the problem.
Spells, spells, prayers
White magicIf black magic, scares, blocks consciousness and simply complicates life, then white magic-on the contrary, is designed to” improve " the fate of a person and help him overcome the troubles that darken existence.
As with any magical practice, certain methods are used in this direction, which help in achieving the goals set. The choice of principles, this kind of influence, most often depends on the goals that the person who turns to white magic sets for himself.
1. Conspiracies: for conducting this magic rite of passage need man (mage, a sorcerer), which knows the necessary for conspiracy words and personality, faced with trouble. For example, suffering from some severe, prolonged condition. Let's say of liver disease or stomach. In this case, the healer offers a spell that is aimed at treating a specific disease and gives recommendations about what time of day, where and how many times you need to say the magic text.
Spells are used, in white magic, almost as a panacea. They get rid of the evil eye, help in amorous Affairs, and can even save lives. That is why when sending a son or husband on a long journey or even to war, mothers and wives gave them a charmed thing with them. Hence the expression " Walks like a charmed one.”
White magic2. Love spells: If with plots everything is more or less clear and unambiguous, they were used, having only good and pure thoughts, then with love spells everything is more difficult. After all, the spell is associated with something dark and otherworldly, at the time when they appeared, and it was. But modern white magicians assure that the spell does not have the terrible, destructive effect that was attributed to it earlier. They believe that such a ritual will only work if it has the right support.
The white witch will use it if, for example, the goal is to return the unfaithful husband to a family where there are children and only when the asking woman will have strong arguments. If the” white " fortune teller is approached by a lady who wants to take someone away from a legal marriage, this person is likely to be refused. Such a rite can be performed with the use of hair, nails or things of the person who wants to charm, and the responsibility for it is borne by both the sorceress herself and the one who turned to her.
White magic3. Prayer is perhaps the most common and most powerful method used in white magic. But since prayer is a direct appeal to God, using it in any kind of magic is a sin. However, many witches use this method. For example, they read a prayer before divination or say it to heal wounds, but Christianity denies such actions.
All people sooner or later, consciously or unconsciously fall into complex life vicissitudes. Some rely solely on themselves and overcome their difficulties on their own, while others immediately run to fortune tellers. In different religions, there are quite similar dogmas “the law of karma”, " the boomerang effect”, that is, all bad actions return to the person who committed them, and therefore they must be corrected. If a person is not able to do it himself, then it makes sense to turn to an unconventional method, such as white magic, and who knows, perhaps it will help put an end to a series of endless failures or achieve goals that previously seemed sky-high.

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