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Love spell in Australia.


Good day to my subscribers, guests and students of my YouTube channel. I was approached by a woman from Australia from the city of Canberra with a request to return the man to her.

For this customer and for her love spell, I decided to use the ritual through the hornet's nest. If you ever find a hornet's nest, don't throw it away, you can perform a very good and powerful spell ritual through it.

You take the nest, take a photo of the person you want to enchant (It is advisable to take the photo of the head, and not the whole photo).

Roll up a photo with a plot into a tube:


"Twist, twist, slave (name) to the slave (name) I will twist, wrap, to the slave (name) I will screw".


To keep the tube from the photo, you can use a red thread and make a plot with symbols on top of the photo.

For example: As a knot I will tie, so I will tie the slave (name) to the slave (name)"

And make 7 knots with this plot.


After that, you take the tube from the photo in your hands and insert it into the wasp's nest, and at this moment you imagine how the wasps from the nest fly into the head of the person you are bewitching and settle in his head instead of his nest.

But there is a very fine line between a love spell and damage, so in order not to send a terrible damage ( and this can be both a migraine, a stroke, or even cancer) so that this does not happen, you say a conspiracy:


"How wasps fly, bite, get hooked in your head,

They give you peace, they send you thoughts only of me,

You will think and suffer, you will not sleep at night, only remember me.

Every day you get bitten in the head,

They make you remember me.

And as soon as you come to me,

You'll get rid of the wasps and fall asleep in peace.

That's what I want, that's what I say.

I light up my words and seal them.



In the same way, you can do damage to a person, as I already said, you can send a person problems with the head. Depending on the plot that you will read and what information you will send to the person, then it will happen to him.

In this love spell, a person will be haunted by obsessive thoughts about you constantly. Regardless of himself and his desires, he will constantly think about you, whether he wants it or not.

As soon as he is with you, it will be easier for the person, but as soon as he again moves away from you, thoughts will again arise in his head.


This will happen as long as the hive is in your possession. If the hive falls apart or breaks, it means that the ritual is no longer valid, it means that the person has used the purification of himself or himself.

If you decide to end the ritual, then the hive should be burned.

Until then, keep the hive at home in a dark place where no one will find it.


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