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Love spell in England.

Good day to my subscribers, guests and students of my YouTube channel. Today I had a chance to write down a spell on the river for you. Many people know about this love spell, many have read about it, but not many magicians or witches show it live.

There are many different variations of such a spell, there are also two banks, (such a ritual will be a little later) and downstream and through the fog. Today I will show you a love spell on the river through the fog.

You need to come to the river early in the morning, when the fog is still just creeping along the river, the time of year does not matter here, it can be both summer and winter. In this love spell, I perform a ritual in the cold. I live in Siberia, in the city of Krasnoyarsk, and sometimes frosts reach up to -45 /-47 degrees. Usually we have such frosts on Epiphany, but they can also hit at the end of January.

I repeat, you do not have to perform the ritual in the cold, this spell can be performed in the summer, the main thing is to catch the fog over the river.


For a love spell, you will need photos of you and your loved one, or a thing of your loved one. If there is neither, it does not matter. Take a stone from the river and write on it the name of your loved one, on the other side write the date of birth.


Take a photo, a thing or a stone in your hands, turn your face to the rising sun, and looking at the fog say the words of the conspiracy:


"As the fog creeps along the river-it spreads, it sits on the river,

So the slave (name) will sit down, sit down on love, sit down on the slave (name).

He will call her to the crown, and he will live with her to the end of his life, to the grave.

Word and deed, deed and word, so be it."


If after that, or during the time when you read the plot, a bird appears in the sky - this is a good sign, according to the instructions of the grandmother of the witch doctor, who made love spells, believed: If an animal or bird appears during the reading of the spell, it means that the spirits have heard your request.

They said: "The beast of the spirits carried a request to mother earth," or " The bird of the spirit carried a request to the heavenly father."

Therefore, if you are doing a love spell, you have to pay attention to such things.


In this love spell, you can also turn to the sun. Speaking of the following plot:

"As this sun will set, so your road (name) will converge only with me (name). To no one will you be, no path or road, only to me alone (name) the sun leads the path, you (name) will lead to me. So be it. Amen."


Then you let the photo go down the river. If you have a stone or a thing, then you throw it into the river. Then take some water from the river and leave without looking back. Don't talk to anyone until you get home.

Pour the water that was brought from the river into a glass and put it on the window in the east. When the water dries up, your favorite one will show up.


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