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Magic in the USA.

Good day to my subscribers, guests and students of my channel. I was approached by a woman from the United States, she has a rather unusual situation. There is a man with whom she lived together for a while, this man has a daughter. My client broke up with this man, but they continue to ask for money from her, manipulating the pity of my client. And so she asked me to perform the ritual of otsushki on him and her daughter. There is also a saying tied like a tick, so for this ritual I will use a tick to untie this person from her.

For this woman, I decided to choose a ritual that is quite dangerous, but effective.



The ritual shows dangerous actions. Those who fight and are afraid of ticks, do not perform the ritual!


For a love spell, you will need:

- Photos

- Incense ( In my case, I used colognes, they are just right for both incense and antiseptic)

- Tick

- Image of the bear's skull ( If there is a real skull)

- Two images of the human skull ( If there are no figures of the skull, then you can use images)

- Juniper if available


Take your magic items and fumigate them, or sprinkle them with cologne if you use it. Then you take the photos and put one photo on the skull, and the second photo on the second skull. Summon the spirits you work for. If you work according to Astaroth, you invoke it; if you work according to others, you invoke your spirits. In my ritual, I work on Astaroth, and I use a harp for tuning to summon it, but if you use other methods of summoning spirits, then use them.

Summon the spirits until you feel a push inside you or feel that the spirits have come. It can be a breath of wind, or the feeling that someone is standing behind you, or you will hear a knock. The signals can be different. Sometimes it happens that you have to summon the spirit for half an hour and an hour, and sometimes for 15-20 minutes it all depends on your settings .

Once again, you can use a singing bowl and a bell, and a harp or a flute, you can recite mantras, knock on a tambourine, no matter who works on what.

If you are interested in more details about the summoning of the spirit, I can write a separate article. Write in the comments if you need such an article.


Now, put on gloves and take out the tick from the jar, light incense and fumigate the photo on the skull together with the tick, making the tick shift in the photo with the words:


"As the smoke goes, it will sit down, it will settle on your brain"


So you do it over one and over the second photo.

After that, take a photo, put a tick on top of the photo, take your knife, and cut the tick into the photo with the words:


"Attached - untied. You do not drink blood, get rid of it and live without me from now on. Word and deed. Business and word. So be it."


After that, take the cologne and fill the head in both photos. Take the skull of the bear (or its image) on top of the tick and ask the spirit on which you are working to make your bear go and fulfill your request.


After that, wrap the tick in the photo, tie it with black threads, and take it to the cemetery. You bury the tick in the graves with the name of the person on whom the ritual was performed.

Go home without looking back.

At home, clean your workplace, do cleaning in the house. The floors should be washed from the inside of the house to the doorstep, as if washing this person and his spirit out of your dam. Water from washing the floors is poured out on the street.

After such a ritual, the person will no longer bother you and ask for money.


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Love spell in Australia.