Words of gratitude

Thank-you letters and reviews from clients of the psychic. All emails that are sent to the mail by people who have been helped by a psychic are printed in this section.  Here are reprinted letters of grateful clients of the Psychic Igor Vernitsky-Von-milovzorov, whom he helped during his long-term practice. Since 1989, as soon as the shaman began to practice magic, people began to speak and write thank-you letters to him.
 With the advent of the Internet, letters of gratitude were sent by email, but the first handwritten customer reviews have been preserved to this day.
 If you also want to share your feedback or just thank the psychic Igor, you can send your email to your personal email address: [email protected] . Or to the postal address: 5 Sosnovaya street, Krasnoyarsk, 660030, Russia.  Vernitsky-Von-Milovzorov Igor Leonidovich. All emails are published here in this section. If you want to keep your privacy, specify this in your email, and only your initials will be published on the site. 
Thank you notes and letters :

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